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Child Custody Is Not Child's Play with Us

Let the children play, we'll do the work

The Old Rules Need Not Apply

In the aftermath of virtually any legal situation, children are often the ones who suffer most. Whether you've gone through a divorce, or wish to obtain guardianship of a friend or relative's child, we are here to help you.


We know that it's hard to be objective when you see a child's health or happiness compromised. Fortunately, that's where we help pick up the slack for you.


When you hire us to represent you, you can be sure that you're getting aggressive representation not only for yourself, but for the children.

"Children belong with their mother." "Boys should be with their father." These guidelines may have been etched in stone back when we started our practice, but they aren't anymore. Today, we operate by one guiding principle: what's best for the child?


We can help establish visitation schedules or child support payments. No situation is too complicated for us to handle. In 35 years in practice, you can bet we've seen everything modern life can throw our way.

Are you considering adopting a child? We take our hats off to you! Life will be full of surprises. Make sure they're only pleasant ones. Call David M. Stupak, Attorney At Law.


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