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"Love Hurts" Should Be A Song, Not Your Life Story

When domestic bliss are anything but, call us

No One, Not Now, Not Then, Not Ever

Modern family life is ten times more stressful than it was in years past. It's no wonder that tempers flare and small misunderstandings can escalate into something ugly. Take a breath. But if things get taken too far, it's time to take action.


David M. Stupak, Attorney At Law is an experienced, discreet domestic violence lawyer with over three decades of experience to his credit.


He'll bring patience, knowledge and objectivity to the table, from filing temporary restraining orders to obtaining safe temporary housing for you and your children.

If you or your children are being abused by a partner, whether it's physically, verbally or emotionally, you've probably been told a thousand times that you did something to deserve it. YOU DIDN'T. No one deserves to be abused - period.


That said, you're probably worried sick that taking legal action against an abusive spouse is something you can't afford. Put those worries on the back burner for now. It's time to take care of you! After all, can your children afford to lose you? Please call us.

Worried that the whole town will know what you're going through? They won't hear it from us. All cases handled in 100% confidence at Stupak David M Attorney.


Rest assured, we'll treat your case with the sensitivity and dignity it deserves. Call: