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The Biggest Advocate For The Littlest Victims

Keeping families together even when they're not

Navigating The Roughest Waters With Confidence

Seeing children caught in the middle of any legal dispute is perhaps the most heart-breaking aspect of our jobs. Hoping and praying that everything will work out for the best rarely works, especially for the children.


Whether you need to arrange for joint custody following a divorce, or you're a concerned relative fighting for guardianship of a child, we can help you.


Family law cases tend to be emotionally tense affairs. We'll look at your case with an objective eye and act in the best interest of you and your children.

David M. Stupak, Attorney At Law understands that it's hard to think rationally when a child is suffering as a consequence of a legal problem. Handling it alone may cause you to make decisions that may negatively impact your child's life down the road.  


David M. Stupak, Attorney At Law has a proven track record in helping people in the Battle Creek, MI area through the most difficult family law cases, from paternity suits to establishment of child support and parenting time schedules.

All children deserve a happy and healthy life. Doing what's best for children is all we care about, regardless of their situation. Call if you know a child who needs help!


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