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When You Get The Call No One Wants To Get

Kids make mistakes. We help them move on.

Wiping The Slate Clean

You've worked so hard to raise your child with the right values. You taught him right from wrong. Now your phone is ringing in the dead of night. Your child has been arrested, and faces jail time without your help.


At this difficult time, your first thought may be that it's a mistake. But what would really be a mistake is not hiring competent legal representation for your child.


David M. Stupak, Attorney At Law is an experienced juvenile law attorney who will fight for your child's rights, and his future.

When a child under 16 faces misdemeanor or felony charges, it is a life-changing situation. If not handled correctly, it can mean the end of life as he's known it before it even begins, not to mention shut down any hope of getting a decent job.  


The best thing to do after this blows over? Keep his nose clean. Under Michigan law, a child may ask that a misdemeanor be expunged or a felony be set aside five years after trial, but only if there are no other convictions on their record. We can help when that time comes.

Which would you prefer: trusting your child's future to an attorney just out of law school, or one with over 30 years' experience? Call us if you prefer Option "B."


We'll stand beside your family every step of the way. Call if you need help: